LTP: 栽培8课系列(三):生活原则8课

October 15th - November 19th, 2017



  1. 信徒的人生目的
  2. 信徒与水礼
  3. 信徒与圣餐
  4. 信徒与时间
  5. 信徒与钱财
  6. 信徒与恩赐
  7. 明白神的指引
  8. 信徒生活原则

LTP: 洗礼及会友课程

October 28th - November 4th, 2017

洗礼日期: 12月17日 , 主日, 下午1时30分

洗礼是我们相信和接受耶稣基督的救恩 以及向罪悔改的公开表达。洗礼也是耶稣给予所有愿意跟随耶稣的人的一个命令。如果您还没有受洗,我们鼓励您踏出顺服的这一步,表达你对耶稣基督的委身。


Community dinner banner

October Community Dinners & Host Equipping Session

October 28th, 2017

What's next after 3 months of dinners with our friends from Woodlands Social Centre (WSC) and church?

We continue to partner WSC in hosting these friends and deepening our friendship with them!

This dinner is also a wonderful opportunity for the church to come together and fellowship over a simple meal — so join us!

This month, we will continue to provide dinner and you're invited to buy/bake/bring dessert to share! You're also invited to contribute a savory dish if you'd like! Please tell us if you're able to so we can plan accordingly. Thank you!

We'll also be having a Host Equipping Session on 28 October before the dinner.

It's time to equip ourselves with more spiritual and practical tools to take these relationships deeper. Whether you're a regular host, a one-time host, or have yet to become one, come join us! We want to hear your experience and questions in building relationships with friends from the community and others from our church family, and learn from one another.

With Christmas around the corner, this session will also help us prepare to share the greatest gift of the season and invite them in our Christmas celebrations. We'll also share how the Lord may be leading us to take these community dinners forward in 2018 and would very much like to spend time praying over these exciting opportunities with you. Do come! :)

Pco   baptism   membership

LTP: Preparing for Baptism and Church Membership

October 29th - December 10th, 2017

Next Baptism Service: 17 December, Sunday, 1.30pm

Baptism is a public expression of our faith in Jesus Christ for salvation and repentance from sin. It is a command Jesus gives to all who want to follow Him. If you are not baptised yet, we encourage you to take this step of obedience to declare your commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ.

If you have been baptised (in WEFC or another church) and want to apply for membership in the WEFC family, this 7-week course is also for you. Please set aside time to attend all sessions.

Registration closes 15 October.

Pco   prison min 10th anniversary

Prison Ministry 10th Anniversary Celebration

November 4th, 2017

Since WEFC started her Prison Ministry work in 2007, numerous ex-offenders have walked through her doors into an accepting church community. Here, they have experienced God's grace, forgiveness and encouragement. Through this community committed to helping them grow as Christ's disciples, many have rebuilt their lives and re-integrated into society. 

Ten years on, the Prison Ministry continues to bear witness to powerful testimonies of transformed lives and restored relationships. Many ex-offenders have worked hard to hold down proper jobs, and some have married and ushered in newborns, building new families of their own. Having experienced God’s grace, our brothers are eager to share God’s goodness with others — we now have 7 ex-offenders authorised to meet and minister to in-mates in Changi Prison.

On 4 November, join us to celebrate this significant 10th-year milestone in our journey of experiencing God’s grace for life transformation!

We have the pleasure of having Mr Amrin Amin as our Guest of Honour. Mr Amrin is Parliamentary Secretary for Home Affairs and for Health, and MP for Sembawang GRC (Woodlands).

Dinner will be served after service. Please register here for catering purposes.

Camp 2017 logo

Children's Camp 2017

November 28th - November 30th, 2017


Help Kids Discover The Invisible Wonders Of God

Turn your kids into Galactic Starveyors! As kids focus their telescopes on the marvels painted in the sky by the Creator, they will discover the wonder among all wonders... that the God who created everything there is — the knowable and the unknowable, the visible and the invisible — wants a personal relationship with them! Invite your kids in and show them the God who is over the moon in love with them.

  • The camp is open to all P2 - P5 children
  • Camp Fee: $50 (non-refundable)
  • Fee includes materials cost and meals (3 lunches and snack time)

Things to Bring

  • Jacket
  • Cup (For tea break)
  • Water bottle (Preferably with sling)

Drop off & Pick Up Point: Hebron Sanctuary (Level 3)

Registration closes by 5 November 2017